Listening to Audiobooks Can Change Your Life: Here’s How

Are you a busy, on-the-go type who longs to check off more books from your TBR list but doesn’t have the time to sit down and read? Are you and your family searching for an engaging, fun-for-all-ages way to pass the time spent in the car to and from school? Well, look no further: it’s time to consider listening to audiobooks. 

With the endless benefits of audiobooks, such as improving brain function or bettering your vocab, there’s something in it for every kind of reader. It’s more than listening to someone narrate your favorite book. Listening to audiobooks can change your life for the better—and here’s how. 

Why are Audiobooks So Popular?

Oral storytelling has been an important human practice for thousands of years—and with good reason. There’s something soothing and personal about listening to a pro retell an expertly written story. In today’s day and age, audiobooks are the closest we get to this traditional necessity. Between their immersive tone and flair for dramatics, professional narrators can bring fiction and nonfiction alike to life for you to enjoy at home or on the go. It’s no wonder that thousands of people listen to audiobooks a year—and you can, too!

Who Can Benefit from Audiobooks?

That’s one of the best parts—anyone and everyone can benefit from audiobook listening, including: 

  • Students of all ages
  • Children just starting out
  • Teachers in classrooms
  • Visually impaired people
  • Adults who want to multitask 

3 Brain Benefits from Audiobooks

Whether you’re looking for a way to slow down and appreciate classic stories or have tried just about everything under the sun to calm your racing thoughts, audiobooks can help with all that and more. Learn about the three best brain benefits of audiobooks: 

1. Can Calm with Soothing Words 

Whether you’re listening to the “Chronicles of Narnia” or a relationship self-help book, one of the many benefits of audiobooks is how quickly they can calm you down. By reducing background noises and dialing in on one soothing voice, you can find your Zen anywhere, from the office to your bed. 

2. Increase Memory Recall and Focus

If you suffer from brain fog or a rough short-term memory, you may assume that the information from listening to a book would go in one ear and out the other—but it’s actually the opposite! Hearing someone speak the dialogue and describe imagery will force the visual part of your brain to kick in to help you picture the world of the story. Listening to a novel will create stronger memories in your brain grooves, so recalling the important details is easy!

3. Boost Moods and Reduce Negative Thinking

One of the many life-changing benefits of audiobooks is how quickly they work to put negative thoughts to rest. It’s all too easy to get lost in the chatter of overthinking, but putting an audiobook on helps to silence those over-anxious thoughts. Just sit back, click play, and find yourself lost in the story rather than your real-world problems. 

What’s the Best Way to Listen to an Audiobook?

When it comes down to listening to audiobooks, there are countless methods to choose from—and whichever works for you is the best possible choice! It doesn’t matter whether you prefer soundproof AirPods or surround-sound living room speakers: as long as you’re enjoying the novel, you’re getting the job done.  

Top 3 Ways Listening to Audiobooks Can Benefit Your Daily Routine

There are more benefits from audiobooks than improving your mind—they can actually make a difference in your everyday life. Consider listening to your favorite stories to: 

1. Embrace Multitasking and Read Whenever You Want

Listening to books allows us to plow through our to-read lists whenever and wherever we choose. 

Many audiobook fans tune into their novels:

  • At the gym
  • On a walk
  • While traveling
  • During a work commute
  • While accomplishing chores
  • While cooking
  • When running errands

2. Build Up a Wide Vocabulary

Even the most voracious readers can get tripped up and mispronounce a word they’ve only ever read before. If you’ve ever stumbled over “epitome,” “incongruent,” or even “athlete,” you’ll know just how embarrassing it can feel. With audiobooks, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the correct pronunciations of all the problem words. 

This can be an especially helpful benefit of audiobooks for students learning to read for the first time or people attempting to learn a new language. Listening to fluent stories, of any reading level, can help you recognize more words, improve spoken skills, and build an impressive vocabulary of your own. 

3. Put Down the Screens and Relax

In a world addicted to screens, it can feel impossible to enjoy media without using a phone, tablet, or TV. This becomes even more difficult when you add e-readers into the mix! While e-readers do have their own benefits, suddenly reading a book can go hand in hand with a dangerously high screen intake.

There’s no need to make your daily reading routine harder on the brain—with audiobooks, you can finally put all your technology down and give your eyes a break. Just press play, sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy listening to your tales as old as time. 

Download and Get Started Today!

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While there will always be a time and place for flipping through the worn pages of a physical book, there are too many benefits of audiobooks to ignore. If you’re an avid reader, downloading an audiobook app will elevate your life in countless ways. It’s time to make the switch today. 

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