Whether you listen to the newest mystery novel on your morning commute or adore hearing celebrities read their own memoirs, audiobooks are the future. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Now, you can buy audiobooks directly through our bookstore, from New York Times bestsellers to niche novels chosen by our expert booksellers. 

Sign Up For in 5 Simple Steps

Follow these steps to start listening ASAP:

Step 1: Download the (free!) audiobook app, available for Android and iOS.

Step 2: Sign up for an account.

Step 3: Choose which bookstore to support by searching and finding Novel in Rochester, Michigan.

Step 4: Start your desired membership and choose your first title.

Step 5: Start listening—it’s as easy as that!


How Buying an Audiobook Supports Our Indie Bookstore

For so long, the only way you could purchase an audiobook was through massive corporations. But now, with, you can shop local and purchase all the titles on your To Be Listened To shelf from your favorite independent bookstore. is an employee-first Social Purpose Corporation built from the ground up by people passionate about supporting indie booksellers. With over 400,000 titles to scroll through, the list of audiobooks is vast, and every purchase and membership is shared with your local store! When you start a new membership, select Novel as your bookstore and input the promo code SWITCH for two bonus credits

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any audiobook app questions, don’t worry! We have answers:

How Does the Audiobook App Work?

When you download the free audiobook app, finding and listening to audiobooks is easy. While listening, you can create specific bookmarks, adjust the narration speed, control your Apple Watch, and organize your personal library with tags to curate your perfect audio bookshelf. You can even set a sleep timer to remind you to put the audiobook app away if you’re someone who loves to read late into the night. They’ve truly thought of everything!

What is the Monthly Membership? 

With a monthly membership, members receive one audiobook credit a month to use as they please, as well as a 30% discount when buying additional novels. If you have to cancel the membership for any reason, you’ll avoid further charges and even get to keep your remaining credits (unlike our top competitors).

What are the Membership Benefits? cares about its customers. When you sign up through Novel, you’ll be supporting independent booksellers—and reaping all the amazing membership benefits available to you:

  • $14.99 USD a month
  • Pause or cancel membership at any time
  • 30% off additional audiobooks
  • Credits never expire
  • Own your audiobooks with DRM-free downloads
  • Find recommendations from professional booksellers
  • Easy and simple return process

What is A La Carte Listening?

If you’re an occasional listener, the a la carte option allows you to purchase and listen to audiobooks whenever you please, with no strings or monthly fees attached. This is the perfect option for those who are experimenting with audiobooks or want to buy whenever the mood strikes.

Can You Gift an Audiobook Credit? 

An audiobook is a thoughtful gift for avid listeners. With this option, you can send any amount of book credits to your loved ones (or treat yourself!), and the recipient can pick their reads. 

From the latest trendy BookTok title to the age-old classics and everything in between, has an expansive catalog of audiobooks just waiting to be listened to. Sign up through Novel today and get started with this wonderful audiobook app!